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The original founders Errington and Reay established their pottery at Bardon Mill in 1878 in the once water powered Woollen Mill which operated from the late seventeenth century .It remained a family business since Victorian times when it earned its nationwide reputation for high quality sanitary ware, drainage pipes and ornamental pottery for domestic use.

As it is both decorative and functional, pottery has for centuries been the traditional material for plant growing and food storage .At Bardon Mill we take pride in following only traditional techniques of hand moulding, hand throwing and casting, together with specialised salt glazing techniques which gives Errington Reay pottery its unique textured finish.

Errington Reay is a well-known and highly respected brand of British made pottery established in 1878.
We are unique in being the last commercial pottery facility in Britain licensed to produce salt glaze - and today,
we are proud that it is still a traditional family run pottery and a premium brand
sought after for its individual 
salt glaze and top quality craftsmanship.  

Errington Reay continues to be home-grown and it is bursting with British heritage.  
We maintain a passionate 
commitment to high quality and we also  offer fair pricing to our customers. 
Each Errington Reay pot is created by hand and fired at the highest temperatures which means our pots
can withstand the rigours of the often harsh British winter.  
In fact, every product we make carries our 10 year frost proof guarantee.  
You can tell immediately if a pot is from one of our outstanding ranges 
as each pot has the
Errington Reay potter’s signature stamp 
emblazoned on the front so you can be sure of no imitation! 
Errington Reay has a range of products that is unbeatable in design, and full of irresistible English charm,
guaranteed to add style and elegance to any garden - which is why we are still the UK’s most popular
brand for garden planters.  

best wishes
The Errington Reay Team
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